EnerRevolution is a Seattle based company focused on developing revolutionary products designed to improve your health and quality of life. With our supplement line we focus on developing supplements with a precise combination of high quality ingredients that support each other in the right ratios to create formulations that are effective and work incredibly well.

Our Elixir Line of Vibrationally Enhanced Water Elixirs is truly revolutionary in that each elixir carries a specific set of instructions for the cells in your body in the form of energetic frequencies that your cells understand and respond to. These elixirs literally speak to your body, and can turn on or turn off production of hormones, enzymes and help regulate anything in your body that can be regulated.

Researchers have found that one way cells communicate with each other is via light frequencies and electromagnetic vibrations. Because of this capability, the subtle vibrational frequencies of sets of instructions, encoded into our elixir water, is able to be understood by cells. Water has a memory in that it captures and stores the subtle vibrations it is exposed to. The technology use at EnerRevolution is able to amplify and stabilize the “memory” vibrations of these sets of instructions to enable them to be communicated to the cells throughout the body when these elixirs are taken.

This creates a revolutionary new approach to healing and health. The ability to give cells and the body specific directions, to regulate production of hormones and enzymes, for example, enables an improvement in health like nothing else can give. It creates a revolution towards health inside the body, which is why we call ourselves EnerRevolution.