Why EnerRevolution Elixirs Are Effective

Our bodies are made up of more than simply their physical components and biochemical processes. We are also energetic beings, and there is an energetic aspect that underlies and interacts with those purely physical elements.

This is a truth that has been known by many healing systems across the ages, from the Eastern approaches of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to the vitalist tradition of Western European herbalism and homeopathy, and the healing practices of indigenous peoples around the globe.

Modern science has finally started to catch up with the wisdom of these traditional systems of thought. In its increasing knowledge of how the electrical processes of the body work, the implications of concepts from quantum mechanics such as quantum entanglement, and radical new approaches to understanding biological development like morphic field theory, it is arriving at many of the same conclusions that practitioners of these systems have known from time immemorial.

Until recently being able to tap into this energetic potential and to utilize it for healing has been limited to physical interaction and manipulations like acupuncture, acupressure, and energetic massage techniques like shiatsu, Thai massage, and craniosacral therapy. Or to the energetic patterns that are already present in natural substances like herbs, plants, and minerals or the energies in remedies made from them like homeopathic dilutions and flower or gemstone essences.

Now thanks to revolutionary advances in technology we are able to program specific instructions into elixirs and remedies, rather than simply relying those already found in a particular substance. The process takes advantage of the unique properties of water to hold vibrational frequencies and to retain memory of energies it has been imprinted with.   

This allows us to tell the body to take specific actions based on the instructions that have been programmed into the frequency enhanced water of the elixirs and remedies. So when you use them you are tapping into and activating the energetic potential of your body to promote healing and the creation of optimal health and wellbeing.

The powerful energy of Revolutionary Elixirs and Remedies will awaken your unique healing capacity, guiding you on a remarkable journey to open the door to revolutionary new ways that will empower you to attain mastery of your healing and to achieve good health and wellbeing.