EnerImmune I


EnerImmune I

  • EnerImmune 1 is an immune boosting, pathogen fighting herbal formula built around four medicinal mushrooms known for their immune system boosting capabilities, and a proprietary formulation of nine important herbal extracts that boost liver and brain function while reducing inflammation and protecting cells from free radical damage. 

    The mushrooms in this formula are Reishi, Cordyceps Sinensis, Turkey Tail and Mitake, all well known for their medicinal benefits. They work together to support and improve immune response, about 65% of their action, and to improve liver function, most of the remaining 35% of their benefit.

    The other herbs work together to also support the immune system and the liver, reduce inflammation, and to improve the function of the brain.  Astragulus  primarily improves the performance of the immune system. 

    The main action of the Burdock Root, Mulehi Extract, Guggul Extract and Colesus Extract in it is to support liver function. In addition Turmeric, Green Tea Extract and Mangosteen are powerful anti-inflammatory herbs known for their ability to help the immune system deal with rouge cells.

    Among their other health improving benefits, Bacopa Extract, Gymnema Extract, and Garcina Cambogia Extract focus on improving brain function. This improvement enables the brain to better direct and control the immune system response against malfunctioning cells, pathogens and toxins. 

    There are 90 capsules in a bottle. Typically use a bottle a month for one of the best supplements you can find to improve overall health and well-being. When you need extensive immune support and more, to deal with serious health issues, more can be taken. EnerImmune 1 was designed to be used alone or in conjunction with EnerImmune 2

    Ingredients: A proprietary blend of…..

    Medicinal mushrooms:  Organic U.S. grown Reishi, Cordyceps Sinensis, Turkey Tail and Mitake. 

    Herbs: Astragulus 4:1, Burdock Root 4;1, Turmeric Extract, Green Tea Extract, Mangosteen Extract, Bacopa Extract, Gymnema Extract, Mulehi Extract, Garcina Cambogia Extract, Guggul Extract, Colesus Extract, Piperine.

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