The metabolic process in your body is important to overall health in three ways: Itbreaks down food into energy (catabolism), it provides the building blocks for the creation of new cells (anabolism) and it detoxifies the body of nitrogenous waste.

EnerMetabolism Is a frequency enhanced elixir that contains vibrational energies instructing the control systems of your body to improve and optimize your metabolism by increasing cellular energy to the greatest optimal levels, while also improving detoxification of your cells. 

 This elixir contains instructions that enable your body to process and burn fats more effectively, rather than relying mainly on blood sugar for energy. Not only can this significantly increase the amount of energy you have, it may help you more efficiently burn extra fat while at the same time increasing your metabolism.

 Not only may this be a key of weight loss as it targets and improves the burning of fat to produce energy, but it will give you more energy at the same time.

Ingredients: The base of EnerMetabolism is purified structured spring water with a very small amount organic Orange and Rosemary essential oils. The oils enable the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water to work more effectively and do not have a specific therapeutic effect on their own. 

The technology used to make the elixirs creates stable and concentrated energetic frequencies that that are able to speak to your body and give it instructions.

2 ounce dropper bottle.  Use one or two bottles a month.

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