EnerRescue is a vibrational, energetic, frequency enhanced water elixir that supports the body and helps to reduce symptoms that occur during both mild and acute ill health situations. Examples include; decreasing the symptoms of colds and flu, helping the body to cope with the effects of shock due to injury, creating a calming effect on the mind and soul during a crisis, enabling you to make better decisions and to feel more in control. Use it as needed, whenever your body and soul need that extra support.

Someone suffering from severe chronic illness or using chemotherapy, may need to take EnerRescue every day, using one or two bottles a month. 

EnerRescue is in the same category of support as are products like Rescue Remedy or Acute Rescue.  However, the technology used to make it is much more powerful and it contains many specific instructions that can produce more powerful results for many more ill health situations.

It is designed to start working immediately to help you get through a physical or psychological health crisis.

Ingredients: The base of EnerRescue is purified structured spring water with a very small amount organic Orange and Rosemary essential oils. The oils enable the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water to work more effectively. 

The technology used to make the elixirs creates stable and concentrated energetic frequencies that are able to speak to your body and give it instructions.

2 ounce dropper bottle.  

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